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On Thursday, I get on a plane and fly a very long way to Africa. 

There. I said it. And I'm not sure I really understand what that means yet.

After months of planning, ridiculously incredible support from friends, and packing a big silver suitcase, it's happening. My sweet puppies are at Camp Woofma (Erika's kids named their house as a sleepaway camp for my boys), Sisarina is staffed and ready to run without me with my inbox is cleaned out, all the proposals are written & sent, and my email password about to change so I can be fully focused while I'm away.

Did I mention months of planning? I'm the girl who has to plan everything in advance and this trip has been a hard test of my ability to go with the flow. From not knowing much about the details to having no idea how long the plane ride is, letting go of expectations has caused quite a bit of anxiety. As of today, 48 hours before I leave, I am finally settling into a new mantra: It is what it is.

When I announced a few months ago that I was going on this trip, a friend was like "Why would I fund your vacation?" After explaining what I was doing, he was more than happy to support. Then all of my friends, colleagues, Rotarian friends, and even clients kicked in financial support. In a very short time, 58 people raised $4,870 of the $4,200 I needed! Because of airline discounts for leaving from the DC area, I was able to gift $750 to the gal who is going with me on the trip. What a HUGE blessing.

But one of the donations gave me goosebumps. It's from a recent friend in my small group at National Community Church

"A story for you that I almost don't want to share, because that's not the reason I'm donating - but sometimes I think its best to share the story, so that someone else can see how their decisions are encouraging and stretching others.

I just donated.  And truth be told it was tough to do.  My finances have been tight for quite a while.  To the point that I count every penny and expense and somehow just manage to make things work (most of the time).  And then I found out we were getting quarterly bonuses this quarter (Yay!)  My initial thought was: Finally, a little relief"  My second thought "This needs to be donated - all of it."  

Sooooo, after a lot of pathetic temper tantrums with God and humbly realizing the need to live open handed and trust His plan, its getting donated.  Your story and trip were the only thing that popped into mind as to where to put the money.  I'm so excited for your story and what God is doing and will do through you and with you.  So thanks for stretching me a bit, sometimes I forget how much I need that."

Even reading that again now gave me goosebumps and put tears in my eyes. How do you thank someone for their generosity? You go to Africa and make sure you're 100% focused on the mission. That's my plan, thanks to all of you. 

Thank you for making this possible. Thank you to all the people who supported me, prayed for me, are going to pray for me, and are thinking of me as I take this journey. I'm pretty sure I won't be coming back the same person - and I'm excited to meet her at the other end.

I won't be posting on social media while I'm away but I WILL be blogging and taking photos. If you want to keep up on the posts, sign up for updates in the top right of this page. 

See you all when I get back. :)

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