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What would happen if your private life was exposed publicly? If you're the same in public as you are in your private life, you wouldn't be one bit worried. 

This happens with so-called family-centric politicians - so-and-so had a mistress, this guy smoked weed in college, another is outed to being gay. Why is it that our lives are so different privately that we can't be 100% public about them?

Chatting with a girlfriend last night, she let me know that she was finally learning to be real with everyone around her. She was letting them into her life in a way she had never let them in before. As a child, she had been through countless surgeries, which had severely affected her as she was growing. She bears the scars and memories, holding onto them into her 40's - until recently when she started living out loud. She even mentioned that while watching the branding videos on, she wrote down her own personal brand. "Melanie, my personal brand is to inspire people to be amazing."

"Ever since I told you something about my medical stuff and you said you felt you could know me better, I have been full of story and at more ease than ever before to tell it!" I had always thought of her as a distant friend until she opened up and I saw this light inside of her. I told her that I finally felt we could be deeper friends because she was being her real self with me. I had no idea it would impact her so much.

As I was hiking up Sugarloaf Mountain early this morning with my pups, I was talking to God. Asking Him to help me be more open with my life for others. I don't hide much, if anything. I'm pretty transparent with my life, even if people don't want me to be. But I've been struggling in the fact that God gives me so much grace, even when I'm not on the right path. If I could clear out three VERY specific things from my life, I could stay focused on where God is leading me. 

If I want to continue to inspire people to dream bigger, live out loud, and trust that God is going to take care of them, why don't I have the courage to let go of these vices? I don't want to wait until someone dies, until a car accident, or a cancer scare. I want to know that I chose this path and it was the right one. I want to be that shining example, the light that others can stand in. I have to be - it's at the beating core of me - and only I am standing in my way.

I am taking control of the things
that stand between me and my best self. 

While chatting with a dear friend recently, I mentioned one of my vices to her. Her analogy really hit home. "If you set up your beautiful office and organized it just right, then threw paint all over it, how much would that ruin it? Sure, you could clean it up, but it would be a mess. That's what you're doing to yourself by not being in control. You have a lot of things to accomplish and living in a fog is not going to help." 

My body is God's temple. I have to treat it with utmost respect because He wants to use me in ways I don't even know yet. If I live my life in the way He has asked, I will be my best self. I'm only 33 and that means I have to take care of what God has given me now so that I can make the biggest impact over the longhaul. Life doesn't have to be boring, but it also doesn't have to be foggy.

What is in the way of you being your best self?

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