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Every morning I wake up with the question "What's the most important thing I have to complete today?"

My life is a running priority list. At any given point, I can give you a huge list of things I've accomplished and what I intend to accomplish. Yesterday, I woke up with my priority list already running through my head. I knew I had about a week's worth of things I needed to complete by the end of that day but I had to find a way to fit it all in. This is a pretty typical Saturday layout. I accomplished a TON but felt like I didn't.

6:30am - wake up & lay in bed
7:15am - get dressed for run
7:30am - clean up bedroom
7:40am - walk the dogs & talk to boyfriend
7:55am - put load of laundry in washer
8:00am - run
8:40am - put load of laundry in dryer & eat Larabar
8:50am - give dogs baths
9:15am - bathe self & get ready for day
9:45am - head to office
10:00am - make coffee
10:15am - do devotions with boyfriend
10:45am - walk to brunch with a girlfriend
11:00am - brunch with girlfriend
12:10pm - walk to Lululemon to buy my Christmas gift (for myself)
12:30pm - walk to office
12:45pm - walk dogs & talk to boyfriend
1:15pm - organize projects and setup Trello boards
2:30pm - write proposal & send to client (realize there are 8 more to do)
3:00pm - organize to-do list
3:30pm - help boyfriend with resume
4:00pm - re-string office lighting (moved office furniture around Friday)
4:45pm - sweep up mess made by re-stringing lights
5:00pm - walk dogs & talk to boyfriend
5:20pm - drive home
5:35pm - put load of laundry in washer & fold clean laundry
5:45pm - make food
6:00pm - clear out emails
6:50pm - figure out what to wear to housewarming party
7:15pm - walk dogs
7:30pm - drive to housewarming party
8:00pm - hang at housewarming party
9:05pm - head to bar for friend get-together
9:45pm - hang at bar with friends
11:15pm - head home & talk to boyfriend
12:00pm - sleep

Looking at that, I realize just how exhausted I make myself and start wondering what I would do with a weekend of quiet peace. I have 5 books sitting on my nightstand. I have fabric on my table waiting to be made into a quilt. I've also tried to make sure to spend time with my guy & puppies. With all of the things I end up accomplishing, how much of it is required of me. I know it needs to be done but I keep wondering what things can be cut out and how I can reorganize my life. Being an entrepreneur, my business eats up a significant amount of time. Being a connector, I have a large network of people I want to spend time with & build relationships with.

What would my Saturdays be like if I didn't have Sisarina? Would I sit on my couch and read a book? How can I fit that into my current schedule? I just found a little time to write this post... was that a priority though? It's been on my mind... what could I have had on my mind instead?

Are you good at prioritizing your life? How do you shut off the things that end up taking priority when a little selfishness is a good thing?

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