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The breeze blows through big open windows rustling the white drapes. The oppressive heat hasn’t fully arrived yet today but it’s coming. Birds chirp madly at one another. A horn blares for no reason. A bus rumbles by. A big dog barks. The fluffy pup closest to my feet stirs, rolls over, and plops his head down in front of the fan. All is well in this little sanctuary - my hard-fought place in this world.

My direction went missing about two years ago. My North disappeared and I’ve been on a desperate hunt for the compass. The weeds had overtaken the path and I was wandering. All of my goals changed. My life changed. My business changed. My hope changed. 

Conversations lately have focused greatly on purpose. Everyone seems to be on their hunt for purpose - what they’ll be remembered for. We live in an age and place where it’s not survival of the fittest or hand-to-mouth. We aren’t just living on the basics, but we’re thriving and dying at the same time. We're asking ourselves the question:

“What if I died before doing what I were put here to do?"

With cancer rampant and our loved ones dying way too young, there’s a constant reminder that life isn’t about being busy. It can’t be about how busy we are, how much money we can make, how many friends we collect, or our status in life. Sadly, much of the time it is. We shouldn't just be talking about our purpose, we should be living it.

Our purpose is the cross-section of what we love to do, what we’re genetically engineered to do, what we can make money doing, and what the world needs. The center of all four of these. 

I know my purpose in life is to inspire. With all of my being, I know this. I even tattooed a reminder on the inside of my arm in case I forget. My mom called me the other day and said, “I know everyone tells you that you inspire them, but I want you to know that you inspire me.” And then proceeded to tell me how in 2 days I inspired her to change her outlook on life. I was floored, but it reaffirmed that I’m doing what I am meant to do - and not because I’m trying! It’s just seeping out of me.

So, why have I been struggling? Why have I been searching for a path if I know my purpose in life? Well, I started a business 6 years ago because I lost my job. I built it based on goals I thought I wanted to attain until I realized it was the exact opposite of what I wanted in life. Looking back, I had to build it in order to know how to help others build theirs. It gave me the expertise to prove I knew what I was doing, but it also showed me my weaknesses - in all their glory. 

"Invest in your strengths. Stop trying to improve your weaknesses."

Then I did what so many other entrepreneurs do - I pivoted. But not just in my business, also in my life. It feels like I’ve fallen into the middle of an ocean and I’m trying to figure out which direction to swim. Creating new life goals and then charting how my business relates to the life I really want. And it’s hard. SO very hard. You know why? My dreams are insanely big and plentiful. How can I possibly choose what I want to do?

As I sit here writing, a dear friend texts me and says, “I’m going to meet you for church this evening and then I’m going home to begin recreating my best life." Umm... was she reading my screen?

She realized she had a death grip on her accumulated hurts, which were taking over her life, and it was time to let go. And then she said, “Part of the solution was realizing I have friends who CAN support me in this and it’s a huge relief. It really does mean I can dream much, much bigger!!"

What she didn’t know was that my mom had JUST called (literally, in between her texts...) to tell me she had created a piece of jewelry for me about how I dream bigger and inspire others to do the same.

Talk about a wake-up call. FINE! The writing is ON THE WALL! It’s time to define my own purpose and start living it. It’s time to write it down instead of telling everyone else to do so. It’s time to take what I’ve learned these past two years and live the brand I’m meant to live. And when I'm done, I'll tell you what it is. It's gonna be good, I promise. *wink*

Off to take over the world. Until next time.

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