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January 31st 2013
back in time: 11/18/2012 I arrived in Madison, Wisconsin from Chicago after driving all Saturday afternoon arriving at dinnertime to a... READ MORE
January 29th 2013
back in time: 11/17/2012 After leaving Pittsburgh, I headed off to Chicago on Live Your Brand Tour. My friend, Charlie, hooked... READ MORE
January 28th 2013
back in time: 11/15/2012 About 2.5 weeks after I started my purpose-driven homelessness, I left on the Live Your Brand Tour.... READ MORE
January 26th 2013
back in time: 11/13/2012 "When was the last time God dropped you to your knees?" Yup. Right there. For the last two... READ MORE
January 25th 2013
back in time: 11/11/2012 Getting to know my friends on this journey, single or married, I see all different types of... READ MORE
January 24th 2013
back in time: 11/9/2012 One of the first people to respond to my request for places to crash was Lorne Epstein.... READ MORE
January 13th 2013
Everyone should get to a point where they are uncomfortable with being comfortable.    Have you ever been homeless? I find it interesting... READ MORE
January 5th 2013
My new roommate, Brian, decided to make some dinner tonight as our first real night in a mostly-put-together home. After... READ MORE
January 1st 2013
If you know me, you know I don't cook. If I do, I cook easy. And by easy, I mean... READ MORE
December 24th 2012
I have writer's block. It's the eve before Christmas and I sat in a comfy chair by a fireplace surrounded by... READ MORE
November 26th 2012
It's tough going with the flow when you're a Type-A personality. I'm even the girl who has the no-plan plan... READ MORE
November 22nd 2012
I have a confession: I'm behind. I have two notebooks of personal stories and business stories. I'm stressed because I... READ MORE
November 15th 2012
2 weeks ago I left my home behind. Today, I leave my best friends and puppies behind. I leave my... READ MORE
November 14th 2012
A guy I know brought his Seattle girlfriend to church one Sunday. Not long after, she moved to Bethesda. A... READ MORE
November 11th 2012
Last night I stayed with my friend Amy at the place she was house-sitting. We were catching up, our conversations... READ MORE
November 10th 2012
written in journal 10/8/12 en route to Rock Your Brand Today I give a speech (ok, a talk) on how the... READ MORE
November 9th 2012
posted November 10, 2012 During Sisarina's Cup of Inspiration, Charlie came to visit us for a second time. After chatting for... READ MORE
November 8th 2012
posted November 10, 2012 A few years ago, I tweeted about flipping a porch swing upside down and needing a massage... READ MORE
November 7th 2012
posted November 10, 2012 When I announced my walkabout at church before I did it, Sue Commins-Gallagher was the one who... READ MORE
November 7th 2012
After posting my Sunday reflections, I got a direct message on Twitter from @themerlins. Was significant enough to share... "All your... READ MORE
November 6th 2012
posted November 10, 2012 On Sunday evening, I went to visit friends in Reston who I met via the Twitters. Timothy... READ MORE
November 5th 2012
A quiet morning after Daylight Saving has ended at a Starbucks in Bethesda. I come to write and reflect... to... READ MORE
November 4th 2012
This past Saturday, Jessica and I ran the Mud Dog Run - Zombie Edition thanks to my good friend Jennifer.... READ MORE
November 3rd 2012
After sleeping at the office for two nights and showering at Gold's Gym, I was happy to stay with friends,... READ MORE
November 2nd 2012
During my walkabout, I am focusing on learning 10 things. There are going to be lots of things I want... READ MORE
November 1st 2012
Last night was the first night of Melanie on the Run AKA #RunMelanie. I have two weeks left before I... READ MORE
October 31st 2012
The movers came today. I am officially homeless for the rest of the year. I woke up at 7am. I didn't... READ MORE
October 30th 2012
Tonight, the packing ceased. 5 years of living in one apartment, 6 days of putting everything in boxes, 7 big... READ MORE
October 22nd 2012
My mom opened her first business, a second-hand clothing store, in 1992. She sold it after running it successfully for... READ MORE
October 21st 2012
Ever feel completely alone? You have friends, family, acquaintances, coworkers, people who love you… yet you feel alone? My life is... READ MORE
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