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June 21st 2014
"Life is pain because we expect it to go differently," says a beautiful zen Buddhist priest sitting in front of... READ MORE
June 2nd 2014
The voices are constant. The distractions are never ending. The to-do list doesn't stop. The multi-tasking is incessant. By the time... READ MORE
April 19th 2014
I lost my Happy.  It seems to have taken a sabbatical and it's really affecting my life. Happy's nemesis, Worry, has been... READ MORE
April 5th 2014
What would happen if your private life was exposed publicly? If you're the same in public as you are in... READ MORE
February 7th 2014
I know all of the things that are wrong with me.      I have a history of regret in my... READ MORE
January 19th 2014
"I've gotta finish writing this email. Someone just tweeted me. What about that proposal? Crap, have the dogs been walked?... READ MORE
December 27th 2013
The last few years at work, we've had a word to focus on the whole year and everything we did went... READ MORE
December 20th 2013
Late one night recently, I step outside to let my puppies out only to glance up and find softly falling snowflakes... READ MORE
December 10th 2013
The meaning of grace has been lost.  Do you have a tough time with family at the holidays? Ancient history is dragged... READ MORE
November 12th 2013
The final few days of my trip with my Auntie Gay, AKA Zia Gaya, were relaxed. With all the walking... READ MORE
November 8th 2013
One of the big things on my bucket list was to see Venice. Everyone told us we had to go... READ MORE
November 7th 2013
A friend of mine from Bethesda, MD lives in Rome. Some friends of hers wanted to do a day trip... READ MORE
November 6th 2013
The travel bug hit again. Although I've been traveling more this year than normal, it was time to get away.... READ MORE
November 3rd 2013
When was the last time you told someone you loved them? When was the last time you told God? Running through the... READ MORE
September 29th 2013
Ever feel like something is missing? Like you're waiting for something but you can't put your finger on it? At church yesterday, Pastor... READ MORE
September 16th 2013
Ever feel like you just want to run away? I used to feel that way a lot. I moved coast to... READ MORE
September 15th 2013
Did I ever tell you the story of the three-year-old blond girl who had an imaginary friend named Sisarina? She was... READ MORE
September 8th 2013
"It's not the pale moon that excites me, that thrills and delights me. Oh no... it's the nearness of you."... READ MORE
August 13th 2013
Yesterday, I took a walk. A long, peaceful walk on a rocky path in a field staring at the foothills... READ MORE
July 7th 2013
God has something to say...      Something big.           He's very clear with me        but I don't know how to listen for... READ MORE
May 27th 2013
"God uses the journey from point A to help us understand what can happen when we get to point B." ...says a pastor... READ MORE
May 25th 2013
Long. Short.                 Curvy. Bumpy.               Blonde. Redhead. Brunette. Mousy. Curly.           Tall. Small.                   Round. Flat.             Simple. Exotic.                    We are women, but no two... READ MORE
May 23rd 2013
I found her at an airport.      She was standing there           smiling                ready for our trip. It was our first trip together.     ... READ MORE
May 7th 2013
DC has such a random weather pattern. One minute it's cloudy, the next it's bright and sunny. This morning, I... READ MORE
April 11th 2013
Kids in my day got spanked. Now kids get "time out." They sit in a particular chair in a certain... READ MORE
March 5th 2013
back in time: 11/25/2012 After enjoying a few days in Denver and realizing I just couldn't go to Portland on this... READ MORE
February 18th 2013
5 glorious vacation days at the beach. Recovering from life. Recovering from myself. Quieting my mind. Planning to write. Planning... READ MORE
February 6th 2013
back in time: 11/23/2012 After Thanksgiving, I wrote about being content. Something drove me to get it out of my system... READ MORE
February 5th 2013
back in time: 11/21/2012 After spending a night in Des Moines with the parents of a girlfriend, I headed off to... READ MORE
February 4th 2013
back in time: 11/19/2012 It happened the day I specifically asked God to take care of everything. I drove from Madison,... READ MORE
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