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Sometimes you set down roots. Sometimes you unfurl your wings. For 6 years, I've been half-heartedly setting down roots, settling for mediocrity in my personal life, and hoping for someone to help me escape. Well, now it's time for me to fly.

To get perspective, you must first remove comfort.

The "Melanie on the Run" Project AKA #RunMelanie, a 60-day flight, starts November 1, 2012. I'll get out of everything comfortable. My home, my bed, my routine, even my office. I'll get out on the open road and meet new people across the US. I'll visit family, see old friends, run with new ones. It's my time to escape the doldrums. And I would love your help along the way!


October 16: Start packing & donating the rest. (wanna help? haha)
October 30: Move all furniture & boxes into storage for 2 months
October 31: Go rogue & couch surf for 2 weeks
November 16: Pack up the car & head off on Sisarina's Live Your Brand Tour
thru December 7: Travel the US interviewing businesses, visiting family & friends, & running with new friends
December 7: Get back to DC & continue couch surfing for 2 weeks
December 21: Close Sisarina for winter break & head somewhere warm for Christmas
January 1: Move stored stuff into new place 

Room for Rent: My roommate and I are finding a replacement for me. Want a room with a private bathroom in an awesome two-story condo near Grosvenor for only $1000/mo?

Moving & Storage: With the help of 1-800-PACK-RAT, all of my things will be moved out of my apartment, placed into storage October 30 for two months, and moved into whatever new place I find by the beginning of 2013. I could also use help  finding a place to move January 1 in NW DC or near Bethesda. 

Couch Surfing: Have a couch or spare room for a night or two? My pups (hypoallergenic) and I are relying on the goodness of friends around the DC area to help us with a place to sleep and shower. We've got 4 weeks (Oct 31-Nov 15 & Dec 8-20) of needing your help and we're going to try hard not to sleep at Sisarina HQ.

Sisarina's Live Your Brand Tour:
 I'll be traveling coast-to-coast with my puppies visiting cities & interviewing businesses all over the US. We'll need your help nominating businesses all over the US so we can showcase the ones who are living their brand. Check out and Sisarina's Blog to find out more. Follow along at #BrandTour or message me to meet me along the way.

November & December, I'll be scheduling runs in the DC area and around the country. I want to get to know new people and see the sights from running trails or main streets. I'm a barefoot runner (Vibram FiveFingers or Luna Sandals) and am psyched to meet other barefoot runners all over the US. [It's ok if you wear sneakers, I'll still let you run with us. ;)] Check back here for my schedule of runs.

For this two-month experiment, the goal is to be super introspective, figure out what I really want out of my personal life, downsize my whole life, and get as far out of my comfort zone as possible.

To quote the end of my last blog post"I'm done waiting. Done hoping. It's time to start really living my life. The one without the "potential man" I'm waiting to start living my life with. I know, easier said than done… but I've got the world's best girlfriends, two puppies, and the best job & coworkers anyone could ask for."

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