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Little Blessed Moments From Dawn til Dusk

Church, the Market, and Sweet Faces

Praying Hands & a Bible

It's Sunday here in Lusaka, Zambia and that means worship. Big, beautiful worship of God and all His blessings filled with amens and hallelujahs.

It's unseasonably cool here and we're all really enjoying the lack of 110 degree temperatures, especially with the lack of air conditioning in the area's facilities. The wind has kept everything at temperatures normal for a DC area Spring - and an October Spring it is here in Africa.

After more cookies and devotions for breakfast, we headed to Church of God Lusaka Region. It's a simple structure with school buildings and living quarters where the Women of Worth conference will be hosted the rest of this week (more on that throughout the week). The children and adults attending the service were more than happy to have their photos taken. They love the camera and are all smiles and poses when the camera is around. I honestly love learning how to use my heavy D-SLR on their beautiful faces. They make it so easy to capture the essence of their sweetness. No filters required.

Our team got to see first-hand a small portion of the experience we'll see the rest of the week through the traditional church service with the Amazing Grace choir, dancing, singing in their native language and a sermon with about running the race (including a skit!) by Sandy, our Horizon International team leader. With all the movement, it was tough to capture the energy in photos, unless you are a professional (which you can see that I'm not). Next time, just come see for yourself.

While I was wandering around the church taking photos, a little boy who didn't say a word started following me. His eyes bright on my camera, his fingers in his mouth, his family nowhere to be seen. He came to sit by me and kept reaching for my camera. My hand on his head, we just sat and listened to the singing. The beautiful voices of Zambia. Just me and a little man. My heart taken out of my chest for a few precious minutes.

After saying our goodbyes, and there were no shortage of hugs and photos, our team headed off to the market to buy items to take home. Dresses, skirts, trinkets, handbags, jewelry - an outdoor market set up in the parking lot of a strip mall. Every "shop owner" stood outside their tent directing you to their goods. Thankfully, I grew up in flea markets and knew how not to be taken by their sweet talk. The bright colors, hand-carved wood, and hand-made clothing - breathtaking.

As I've mentioned, I am thankful I am the photographer. Between being taught humility and patience along with not knowing much about the culture or interactions, I've enjoyed observing through my lens. Although I'm quite the novice, I'm learning quickly how to capture little moments. It's been a full Sunday. This week will be long but God-filled. I pray for peace and guidance for the members of our team, for the long journey many of the women attending the conference will be taking, for the words we will all speak to one another, and for God to bring His goodness to every part of the Women of Worth conference.

Throughout the day, I caught quiet moments of my team members. If these don't give you a glimpse into their goodness, I don't know what could. Again, no filter required. 

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