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God has something to say...
     Something big.
          He's very clear with me
       but I don't know how to listen for Him.

I want to listen.
     I want to be open.
         I even pray for it.
        But if He does say something
                      will I know what it means?

When I think of Him talking to me,
        I want it to be at a coffee shop.
A chat with my Heavenly dad
       over foamy lattes.

Two people sitting at a table leaning toward one another
            smiling and whispering.
Customers walking through not realizing who it there.
        My little secret chat with God.

But instead, we're asked to just listen for Him.
     Praise Him.
          Read His Word.

      Seek Him.
            Be willing.
                Be open.

I can feel the pull.
      Something bigger than me
              is inside waiting.
Its breaking me.
         Straight through me.

Broken through.

As a kid, I used to wonder
    what would happen if you accidentally scraped a scab?
         Would it have a scar just as bad
              as one you purposely pulled off?

It takes me back to a place that's scary. Sad. Tormented.
    If you didn't mean to do it, would it still leave a scar?
         If you made a mistake
                  but you were too young to understand the consequences,
                       do you hold that scar forever?

                                 Blamed. Shunned. Pushed away?

He see the tears.
      The suffering inside of me.  
                       All of us.
He heals…
  He invades our lives.
       He makes us blameless.
He talks to us and tells us we're forgiven.
     It won't be a scar anymore. No more reminders.
           No more pain or suffering.

But how do we start healing?
    Once we finally see what's really in there,
                        how do we start letting it go?
Let go of the pain…
     The darkness…
          The hurt…
                The frustration.

      Time doesn't heal anything.
             Time tends to make it worse.
God heals.

Life is usually from one perspective.
And we can be left misunderstood, doubted, hurting, and angry.
When we can share it... let it go...
               we can begin to heal.

Even just by writing it down.
        Writing it out.
Realizing that something bigger happened.
      Something more satisfying.
             Something more real.

God was there.
       In each of those painful moments.
He was with me.
        …with you.

       Standing there.
                Allowing free will
        and waiting for surrender
                  so His plan could continue.

It's time to listen.
    Hear His voice.
                through the pain.
    Knowing He reigns
            over everything.

        He's right there.
                      …waiting for you to let go & be loved.

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