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written in journal 10/8/12 en route to Rock Your Brand

Today I give a speech (ok, a talk) on how the people make the company. They are the brand. I talk about this every day. I know why someone needs to be branded. I know how living your brand will be the only way someone will choose you over another company.

Confession: I didn't realize people didn't do this. I had no idea people had to figure this out. I just did it without thinking.

I am real.
I am authentic.
I am honest.
I am professional.
I am offbeat.
I am the expert.

You will work with me if you don't want bullsh*t. You will love working with me if you know what you know and can get rid of the control-freak inside you and give your branding to me. That's the key to greatness - letting go. Sisarina's why: we believe our clients should walk out our door with a skip in their step because they have all the tools they need to live their brand.

While I was running this morning, I was worrying about my talk. I was worrying because I want to make an impact. I want to change someone's life - change their business. I want the attendees to live their brand. And then I thought back and realized my friend Sue told me to be in the moment. Just be right there at that moment - quiet & listening & peaceful.

So I did.

I had to refocus a few times but it's amazing what happens when you look up, look around, and realize you weren't really there. The run became therapy. It calmed me.

My hope for this afternoon is that I can be in the moment. It's my turn to prove myself. It's what I need to do to be my best. My other hope is the attendees being there in the moment. To sit and really listen. No worry about work or problems or kids or where they should be.

Time to let go and just be where we are.

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