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"God uses the journey from point A
to help us understand what can happen
when we get to point B."

...says a pastor at a church I attended yesterday before telling us a story about his baby daughter learning to walk recently.

"I would call her name and she'd start walking toward me.
      As she was tottering, she'd look right and see her favorite toy and fall over.
I'd call her name again,
              she would look up,
                          get up and take a few more steps
                                          before she'd look left and see her binky.
I kept encouraging her to look at me and by the time she got to me,
                  she'd bury her face in my legs and laugh.
           Any daddy worth his snuff would pick his child up and put her close to his heart.
               He wouldn't say 'you're almost there.'

God does that.
   If you keep your eyes on Him,
               you'll enjoy the journey that much more.
Don't look left or right at the things that can distract you,
                  but if you do,
                       God will keep asking for you.

           Calling you.
And once you reach him, He'll pull you up in His lap
                            and put you close to his heart.
The perspective is always better from Daddy's lap."

Memorial Day had me up at 6am heading to Pismo Beach while my family slept. Hitting the sand while watching the waves and running down the coast, my mind drifted to the sermon yesterday. Normally I'm 10 steps ahead of myself thinking about the end of my run, but I reminded myself to just enjoy the journey. The sound of the crashing ocean, the birds, the wind… The people searching for shells, kids playing with their buckets and shovels, cars driving on the beach, my shadow in front of me.

My mind drifted to my business and how this theme carries over. Being a visionary, I'm always 10 steps ahead of everyone else thinking about what could happen next. Where our next office will be, what we'll do once we hit 10 people, where our next contract will come from, what 2014 will look like. I forget to enjoy the journey sometimes. And I love my job! I love my coworkers, my office, my clients, the work we do. Why am I not taking the journey a little slower and thoroughly enjoying it, too?

Then my mind headed to my personal life and it hit me much harder. I talk about enjoying my life as it is, but in reality, I'm always wishing for something ahead. I ask God to make the next steps apparent, for guidance to know where my life will be. I envision my future life more than my current life. I get distracted by things in my life. I forget that I promised Him I'd keep my eyes on Him. I trip and remind myself how human I am.

He calls my name,
      I look up and smile and walk toward Him.
I look right and see something that distracts me and stumble.
                He calls to me and I start walking toward Him again.
                               I look left and stumble.
But He keeps calling me.
No matter how many times I look away, He doesn't stop asking for me.

In everything, don't forget to enjoy the journey.

We will learn a lot along the way
        but it will teach us what we need to know
                so we can enjoy the view from Point B.

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