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The last few years at work, we've had a word to focus on the whole year and everything we did went back to this focus word.
- 2011 was Intentionality
- 2012 was Leadership
- 2013 was Processes
- 2014 will be Accountability

After almost 5 years, my company is thriving and 2014 is set up to be a huge year for us. All the hard work, long hours, and intense focus has paid off. We have the right team, great processes, and fantastic clients. 2014 is the year to focus on myself, the Boss Lady. A good leader takes care of the needs of her team, but she also sets an example by taking care of herself. 

It's time for me to set a word for myself. 2014 is the year of Self-Care. 

The last half of 2013, I've spent a lot more time traveling - driving to Denver twice, flying to Italy, and enjoying a quiet holiday in Miami. Most of this time was spent thinking about my company and the vision we've set in place. I've taken time to relax but it's been more of a side note. I've even ended up a recluse, spending days in a row without human contact even while traveling. This hasn't been good for my emotional well-being. Don't get me wrong, dogs are incredible companions but a girl needs human hugs.

After a few days alone in Miami, I spent some time thinking about 2014 and what self-care really meant to me. A piece of bright colored paper, some colored markers, and a glass of wine gave me the space to write down a list of things that would help me grow personally this year. This list included:

  • Turn off the internet at 7pm and on weekends. (eek!)
  • Create a prayer warrior team.
  • Get a yoga membership and attend. 
  • Go on a yoga retreat. (Walter?)
  • Learn how to sleep. 
  • Walk the Camino de Santiago.
  • Set up a monthly call to pray for my family members.
  • Fast and pray 7 days in a row each month.
  • Take dogs for a hike every weekend... with a friend.
  • Keep up my 5 year journal.
  • Hike the Grand Canyon with friends.
  • Have zero contact with ex-boyfriends.
  • Learn conversational Spanish.
  • Blog personally weekly.
  • Take dogs on two long walks around town during work.
  • Date.
  • Include a man who loves me in my annual Christmas beach photo.
  • Stop being a recluse.
  • Log 1,500 3,000 miles running or walking.
  • Write my grandmothers monthly.
  • Eat my fruits and veggies.
  • Take vitamins daily.
  • Live without a home for the entire year.
  • Write one small prayer daily.
  • - …and others.

Some of these things needs to be put on my calendar for the year. Other things need to be reminders when things come up. I made a poster that I could put in my bedroom as a constant reminder. I set my intention. I am taking care of myself by setting this intention for the year. 

Normally I give things up, but this year I'm creating space in my life for positive, wonderful things that will help me grow.

I need help though. I can't do this on my own.

This is why I'm writing it down and sending it out to the world. Remind me. Keep me to it. Be my intention-keepers.

Have you named your year?
What's on your list? 


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