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I know all of the things that are wrong with me.
     I have a history of regret in my head.
I know more about me than you do.
​     and I'm more judgemental than you could ever be.
I know what makes me angry.
​     I know what makes me sad.
I know what will get me excited.
​     I know what turns me on.
I know ALL of my insecurities.
​     Every single one.

I know how much I hate myself​
​     but I also know how to love me.
I know when I talk too much,
​     I'm aware before you start getting annoyed.
I care about what you think.
​     but have been fighting those feelings my whole life.

When you point your finger
​     When you talk about me when I'm gone
When you tell me I need therapy
​     When you say I'm wrong
That's nothing compared to what I think.

In the end, you can't judge me
​     more than I judge myself.

But you should take all that anger you have about me and
​     be a little introspective.

We are ALL human
​     imperfectly perfect.
Just like we were made to be.

So, I ask you - Can we start from now?
​     From this moment... forgetting the past?
​     ​     Forgetting all insecurities and pointing fingers...
​     ​     ​     and love each other from this moment forward?

One moment at a time.
​     Over a cup of tea.
​     ​     ​     Smiling...
​     ​     ​     ​     ​     with grace.

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