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The voices are constant. The distractions are never ending. The to-do list doesn't stop. The multi-tasking is incessant.

By the time the day is done, my brain is numb to all the chatter and I seek a way to disappear. A way to run away from myself. On Saturday morning, I left for 9 days to write. On my flight to the West Coast, I finally had a chance to read through every detail of all 6 of my employees' DISC assessments. After reading what they needed in a leader, I read through mine again. 

Everyone has a hard time when someone critiques them, but having an outside person/computer tell you who you really are and what you need to do to grow is TOUGH. It's not someone's opinion, it's reality. A reality you already know, but don't really want to face. We all have our issues, but when it's in black and white, it's time to deal with it.

Thankfully, most of my team needs a direct leader and that's just what I am. But one big thing stood out to me. I'm a terrible listener. Sure, I'm a idea-maker, motivator, big picture thinker, inspirational leader, but I'm a terrible listener. I put so much on my plate and drive for success so hard that I forget to stop and listen to those around me. I live a big life. A life so big that my weekends contain the excitement of most people's months. It doesn't make me better than anyone, it just makes me talk more and listen less.

My lack of listening is part nature and part nurture. My brain is always buzzing, which causes a lack of sleep. My family is big, which caused me to learn how to talk loudly. But my DISC reminded me that I tend to take on too much and because of this, I don't have room in my life to listen. So, it's time. Time to quiet it all and listen. 

My challenge for 2 weeks:
1. I quit Facebook and Twitter so I can stop mindlessly scrolling through them both, mostly wasting time, precious time I don't have.
2. I will check my email only at three specific times a day so I can stay focused on my giant to-do list.
3. I will consciously remind myself to stop thinking of the next thing I want to say
4. I will meditate for 20 minutes once per day.
5. I will read a book at least one hour per day.

My challenge to you:
I challenge you to listen. REALLY listen. What distractions can you remove from your life to allow you to really listen? What's the noise you can walk away from? 

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