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Dream Big, Pray Bigger

One Day Can Change Everything

Have you ever had a stranger speak over your life like they knew you intimately? Tonight was a first for me.

Let me give you a little back story.

Three weeks in Africa will change a person. Not the Africa where you surf, dive, walk the city, and go on safari. The Africa where you sit with people who have nothing. Less than nothing. The people who have more faith than you could possibly possess in your cozy home back in America. Zero complaints when everything is wrong because God is taking care of them. No "first world problems." Real problems. Real hunger. Real pain. Real death. People with prayer. Knowing God is there with them through all of it.

Coming back to "reality" hit hard. 

After 5 years, the office is moving. The last 6 months have created major team transitions at work. After 15 months of living on the run, I will actually need a home. After almost 6 years of being an entrepreneur, I'm struggling with direction and focus. After 9 years, I feel like I'm done with DC and starting fresh in DC all at the same time. After 8 years in Bethesda, I know I'm ready to be in a walkable neighborhood and am drawn to Eastern Market/Navy Yard. After 6 years at a church, I'm 15 months into my journey at a new one.

Change is inevitable and it's all happening at once. Work and life. Spiritual and relational. 


I sat near the front of an incredibly targeted service at National Community Church. Mark Batterson brought the One Day sermon series message talking about how one day can change your life. One day, one decision. The story of Jonathan picking a fight in I Samuel 14 and how he won after saying "Perhaps the Lord will act on our behalf." He climbed the cliffs. He fought. He won. Because the Lord acted on his behalf. Because he truly believed He would. Mark shared "When God gives a vision, He gives provision." And shared about how the church had bought a half-acre piece of property 4 years ago only to be given a whole block for what they needed recently. He had no idea God's plan was so much bigger than his dream.

Then Mark asked the prayer team to come up to the front to pray over anyone who needed it. My thought: "I need to pray, but I can do it by myself." Sitting back down in my chair while the church kept singing, I put my head down and prayed over my business, my future home, my life, my relationships, my team... giving all of it to God. Crying and talking through it so I could really believe it. It's all His. It's in His control. Right?

And then something incredible happened.

Just as I lifted my head, Lauren, one of the prayer team, was standing in front of me. She asked me my name and looked me straight in the eye and said "God told me you needed a hug." The next thing I knew she was holding me and talking to me like she knew me while I cried.

"God wants you to know that He sees you. You're overwhelmed. So overwhelmed. He knows you're going through a lot but He's walking with you through it all. He loves you and wants you to let go of all of the responsibility you feel you have. He's got it. He knows you're struggling and wants you to finally rest. He wants you to let go of the worry and just let Him take care of it. He wants you to find joy. Joy in everything. You're tired, you have so much on your shoulders and you need to let it go."

I wish I could remember every single word. It was much more than that. Spoken straight to my soul. Things that a stranger could never possibly know about my life. And not generalized stuff that anyone could say. There I was bawling on the shoulder of some woman I only just met. God was saying what I needed to hear through this sweet, divinely-placed woman. 

Then she looked me in the eye and said, "Those weren't my words. Funny how God knows just what we need to hear and uses others to tell us. I can see that you're an intercessor with others. You have a light inside of you that people are attracted to and you want to help them because of who you are. But you don't have to take care of everyone else. You have to take care of you and let God take care of everyone else. Give them to God and let Him take care of it. You've got enough right now."

I walked out of that service knowing today was my One Day. Something had shifted. Something had been released. If I can let God take care of the rest and focus on listening for His direction for my life, it will all work out. "Perhaps the Lord will act on my behalf."

Every day, I inspire people to dream bigger. It's my life's work. But I always think I'm dreaming too big. I think I don't deserve more than I have. Tonight, that changed. God is in control, not me. He has bigger things planned for me than my biggest dreams. 

It's time to dream big and pray bigger.

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