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Dancing, Smiles, and a Whole Lot More Dancing

Second Day of South Africa's Women of Worth Conference

5am iPhone alarms ringing in different tones down the echoing hallway of the ladies "dorm" at the Ave Maria Retreat Center. Already dressed to sweat, I head out the door to get in a workout only to look to the East and see the sun rising. Knowing I didn't have long, I bound to the top of the hill to sit patiently as it slowly peeks over the South African horizon. The sunrise is the same everywhere, the landscape is the only difference. 

The second day of the Women of Worth conference is about to start. And all of the dancing begins. ALL of the dancing - by all of the GRANNIES! Tribal beads and fancy skirts make for incredible photographs. The colors can't be described, not even here... you really have to be there. These women put our appetites for dancing to shame. They would dance all day if you allowed them. 




The ladies who spoke the last two days really filled us up by sharing their life stories - their testimonies. We heard horror stories about infidelity, attempted suicide, depression, childhood rape, a father's murder but also stories of the uncompromising love of a mother, care of a husband, and hope for a home - and all of this from just our team. The ladies in attendance had even more stories of how they had everything taken away, the number of children they are raising even in extreme poverty, being given away in marriage at young ages. They started opening up even more. The power of a testimony shared among women. 



Women are the same everywhere. We're all dealing with the same things - worries, issues, hurts, anger, children, husbands, families, frustration - yet in such different ways. And we come together when we realize our similarities. 

We kept hearing amongst our team about the RAW FAITH of these women. How much we have in America and how we complain. How little they have here, yet depend fully on God to provide. It's a constant reminder looking around us while we're here in South Africa - we have so much that we forget to depend on Him. 



Our final day of Women of Worth South Africa is tomorrow. After the last two, I'm positive we have even more fun in store.

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