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2 Ethiopia Air planes
27 hours of travel
17 hours in the air
7 tired ladies from 3 states
7 timezones
7,697 miles away from home

Hello, Zambia. Thank you for welcoming us into your city, Lusaka. We're excited to be here and ready to catch up on some sleep tonight so we can be on your timezone tomorrow.

While we were in the air, the chatterbox was talking. Little lies. Poking at me. Lies the chatterbox knows I'll believe are truths. It translates positive things into negative and starts eating away at my self-confidence. How I look, how I feel, what I say, what I don't say, what I know, what I don't know. Stuff from work, relationships, life, family, the past - it all kept chattering on. Exhausting.

The lead-in to this trip had me battling big AND little demons. The closer the departure date, the louder the chatter. But now it has a name. After reading Crash the Chatterbox, I'm noticing the little lies that are rapid firing in my head instead of letting them eat at me. I listen and am reminded to say "Thanks for sharing" and dismiss them. It's a moment-to-moment battle. Neverending, but at least I'm not sitting in the misery the chatter creates.

But what the chatterbox doesn't realize - this trip isn't about me. It has absolutely nothing to do with ME specifically, yet this trip will use me in ways I can't even fathom yet. Who I will be at the end will not be based on the work I do while I'm here and everything to do with just being present for the experience.

This trip has been ever-affirmed and everything worked out perfectly.
It's what I am supposed to do.
It's where I am supposed to be. 

Dear chatter, thanks for sharing. Shut it.

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