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back in time: 11/19/2012
It happened the day I specifically asked God to take care of everything. I drove from Madison, Wisconsin to Des Moines, Iowa across a lot of flat land. I had been searching for God and was thankful for a smooth first few days of my trip - the people, the places, the interviews… the gorgeous weather and the places to stay.

I interviewed Sticks, a gorgeous handmade furniture company, and walked out to my car excited about the story I would write from my time there. I reached into my pocket to find my key and looked in the window to see it sitting by itself on the seat where it had fallen out before I even got out of the car. Careless me.

Immediately, I was on the phone with my aunt and grandma and they asked whether a gas station was close by. Nothing. I was in an industrial area in the Southwestern area of Des Moines. Everyone from the factory was heading home from work and I was stranded. The one thing I feared most on this trip happened.

As I started taking in my surroundings, across the street there was a sign - Auto Body Shop. I walked across the street to find the sweetest man who immediately agreed to help me unlock my car. He didn't seem put off by it, or like it was an inconvenience. With his bag of break-in tools, he freed my key from the interior.

How was it possible the time was perfect for someone to be there? For the place to be there? For him to be willing, or even able? Coincidence? Nah. The grace of God.

This angel was where he needed to be when I could have been in a lot of trouble in nowhere Iowa. This man didn't know me from the next stranded girl, but he stopped everything he was doing to cheerfully save me from myself. Thank you for rescuing me.

Searching for God on this trip and specifically today and He made sure I found Him. I am so thankful for the little window to Him today and for allowing me to not stress or worry about something that could have wrecked my trip. My attitude stayed positive and it was only my faith in Him that allowed me to keep calm.

I caught a glimpse today. A glimpse of how big God is and how He takes care of His children. Tears in my eyes. Peace in my heart.

The journey continues.

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